Curbing the duration of advertising of Condoms on Television, the Govt. of India has banned the telecast of condom ads from 6 AM to 10 PM. The govt. cited that some of the condom commercials were “indecent and can impact children”, evoking strong reactions from companies and advertisers.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry on Monday issued an order to TV channels not to air advertisements selling and promoting condoms because these can create “unhealthy practices” among Children. The ministry also warned television channels that failure to comply with the advisory would lead to severe actions as per provisions of the rules.

The ministry reasoned that it had received several complaints from people that TV channels have been airing the condom ads repeatedly in prime time, and that the manufacturers were using explicit adult content to promote their products. The advisory invoked Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994, banning an “advertisement which endangers the safety of children or create in them any interest in unhealthy practices or shows them begging or in an undignified or indecent manner.”

In September, a condom advertisement featuring Sunny Leone drew protests from a Surat-based group. The ad, which was displayed on hoardings across the city and carried a message in Gujarati “play but with love” was shared on social media by people.

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