Bigg Boss Telugu Grand Finale: Bigg Boss Telugu, which went on air on Star Maa on July 16, has come to an end. In this show, these celebs have to spend together in 1 big house for about 70 days without any interaction with the outside world. Finally after 70 days of waiting the final winner of Telugu Bigg boss season 1 final winner name announced in few hours. It is all set to have its grand finale today evening. Already the shooting of this episode started a few hours back in Mumbai. Tonight in the finale, there will be drama, fun, suspense and thrill!

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Live updates:

10: 40 – “I never expected to be the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu. I had thought that I would middle of the season 1. It is really great feeling to win the show. I thank you all the inmates as their support was also crucial for me. I can’t thank the audience enough, as their support has been wonderful for me throughout the season,” Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Siva Said.

10:15: Siva Balaji has won the title and is the first winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1. He won the title with a vote margin of 8.5 Lakhs.

10:10: As we get closer, the three remained on stage are Jr NTR, Aadarsh and Siva Balaji.

9:50: Jr NTR tries to bring Bigg Boss onto the stage but he failed so he went into the house and brought the two finalists Siva Balaji and Aadarsh onto the stage.

9:45: The journey of Jr NTR as the host was screened in the house.

9:42: “Gundello Godari” award is next up and the nominations are – Archana, Diksha Panth & Madhu Priya. The winner is none other than Madhu Priya.

9:40: As the show comes towards the final stages, Jr NTR thanked all the contestants for making the show a huge success. Next award for “Fitting Master” in the Bigg Boss house – Nominations – Archana, Mahesh Kathi and Kathi Karthika. The Winner is Kathi Karthika.

9:33: Bigg Boss features the video of the contestants inside the house which are memorable.

9:30: Hari Teja evicted as third contestant from the house which made Siva Balaji and Aadarsh stay in the house as the final two. The race is getting closer as we run towards the end of the show.

9:10: Jr NTR asked the three remaining contestants to get the suitcase from Confession room which has Rs.15 Lakh and asked to take that and come out of the house who has less confidence. But no one in Siva Balaji, Aadarsh and Hari Teja walked out.

8:40: Dhanraj, Sampoornesh Babu, Mahesh Kathi, Kathi Karthika, Sameer and Jyothi entertained audience with a skit. They have done well taking the concept of Bigg Boss house to entertain the host as well as the house mates.

8.35: Dhanraj was awarded the best entertainer of Bigg Boss house. Dhanraj upon receiving the said that, ” Though I acted in many movies as comedian, this is my first award I’m receiving and I would like to share this with Navdeep who has been equally entertaining the house after I left.”

8.17: Talking to Jr NTR, Navdeep said, “I entered the house of Bigg Boss Telugu four weeks after it started. I am happy to be the fourth most popular contestant on the reality TV show.

8.14: Jr NTR another intesting task to eliminate the second finalist. Navdeep is evicted from the house. As per IBTimes India poll, he had got 17.06 per cent of the votes and he was in the fourth position.

8.00: After receiving the award, Prince shakes legs with Diksha Panth to the tunes of the hit song Bombhaat from the movie LIE starring Nithing.

7.53: Prince, Siva Balaji and Navdeep were nominated for the Mr Romeo award. Prince walked away with thi award

07:30 – Archana is the first eliminated contestant from the Finalists. Archana comes onto the finale stage and Bigg Boss shows her emotional journey in the house. Archana said, “I am a pampered kid and I was little slow in my activities. I am happy that survived till the last day of Bigg Boss Telugu.”

07:20 – Jr NTR explains the Process of declaring the final winner of Bigg Boss show. Then he also explains the process to the finalists. Showed them a footage of audience response on the winner.

07:10 – Next award is Ayomayam of the house and it goes to Sampoornesh Babu. Even he was just 9 days in the show, he was very entertaining. While taking the award, Sampoornesh explained his weird experiences in the house and regrets himself for leaving the show.

07:00 – NTR gives Kathi Mahesh the Award of Free Advisor of the house There are some more interesting awards to make the final episode of Bigg Boss Telugu most entertaining. Madhu Priya shows off her singing talent on the finale stage with some folk songs.

06:50 – Bigg Boss Shows all the final contestants of the show, Adarsh Balakrishna, Hari Teja, Siva Balaji, Navdeep and Archana. Jr NTR also interacts with every finalist and talks to them about the last week in the house.

06:40 – The host is having a great time interacting with ex-participants, who are additionally similarly to share their involvement in the outside world after leaving Bigg Boss Telugu house.

06:30 – Jr NTR reveals that the grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu has received 11.95 crore votes and welcomed all the evited contestants Jyothi, Diksha Panth, Prince Cecil, Sameer, Sampoornesh Babu, Kathi Karthika, Dhanraj, Madhu Priya and Mahesh Kathi to the grand finale. Kalpana Raghavendar and Mumaith Khan are missing on this occasion.

06:20 – Jr NTR respected all the gathering of people and expressed gratitude toward everybody for making Bigg Boss Telugu the most popular TV show. He also thanked DSP for setting the stage on fire. DSP spoke about his bonding with Jr NTR and also lauded his hosting skills before he left the stage.

06:10 – DSP rocked the Bigg Boss stage with his performance with Raavana and Tring Tring Songs from Jai Lava Kusa. Host Jr NTR enters the stage he is crooning songs and shaking his legs with Devi Sri Prasad.

Five contestants, Adarsh Balakrishna, Hari Teja, Siva Balaji, Navdeep and Archana are battling it out for the trophy of the season 1 of the reality TV show. Jr NTR will announce the winner of the season 1 today in the Bigg Boss grand finale episode. Many online surveys say that, either Aadarsh or Shiva Balaji will be the winner among the five contestants. But you can still keep guessing about the winner. These Surveys may not decide the winner, but the result of the poll clearly indicates the popularity and rankings of the five contestants in the race to win the title of season 1.

All Bigg Boss fans and non-fans waiting to watch star maa tonight from 6 to 9 pm to entertain themselves, gossip about, adore, love their Bigg Boss contestants, today is the last day. Excitement is in the air as to who will win the trophy of the Bigg Boss. All the five finalists are good contestants with their respective plus points and minus points. So, it needs to be seen who is going to walk away with the title ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Winner’ for season 1.

It is heard that Jr NTR and DSP will be announcing the name of the winner Tonight. The winner of the show will receive prize money of Rs. 50 lakh. The sponsors may offer other valuable gifts to the winner and the other participants as well. The show has become the best rated Telugu show now and the fans can expect the second season also in the future.

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