Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale Live: Finally, the day is here. Kamal Hassan’s Bigg Boss Tamil Reality show comes to an end. The show had taken off on June 25 with 15 contestants entering the house. Out of them, Ganesh Venkatraman, Harish Uthaman, Snehan and Aarav are in the last stage of the reality TV show.

The grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil first season is being held on Saturday, 30 September. The grand finale begins at 8.30 pm and all the contestants, who had taken part in Bigg Boss Tamil, will be part of the show. However, it is not sure whether the complete event will be telecast in one single episode or it will be divided into two episodes.

Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale Live Updates

12:15 AM : Kamal haasan enters the house and takes the two remaining finalists on to the stage.

11:45 PM : Harish Eliminated from the house as Oviya escorts him back to the stage.

11:35 PM : Oviya went into the house with Pistah song. She is explaining the final three that she will be taking one as an eviction.

11:30 PM : Ganesh said that he is happy to interact with the audience and Kamal Haasan. Bigg Boss Calls Oviya to confession room.

11:20 PM : Family members of four finalists talking about them. Ganesh Venkatraman eliminated from the show.

10:50 PM : Aarthi performed on stage and entertained audience with her mass moves on a mass medley. Kamal Haasan revealed that Bigg Boss Season 1 garnered 76,76,53,065 (76.76 crore) votes.

10.30 pm: Kamal Haasan thanked Julie for her performance. Another special video clip showing the highlights of 100 days of Bigg Boss Tamil Show is being played.

10.20 pm: Julie performs on Bigg boss Tamil grand finale stage to a mix of folk songs.

10.15 pm: Shankar reveals that the idea struck his mind three years ago and he developed the story for the last two years. He worked on it even as he was busy with Rajinikanth’s 2.0 which is in the post-production stages.

10.12 pm: The big moment is here. Kamal Haasan invites director Shankar and producer Dil Raju to the stage. He announces the second installment of Indian 2.

10.10 pm: Oviya occupies the stage and thanks the fans. The actress says that she felt that nobody likes her when she was inside the Bigg Boss house, but she came to realise the love being showered by people only after she was out of the show. Oviya said she realised her plus and minus after she took part in the Bigg Boss Tamil. She runs into the audience and handshakes with her fans.

10.06 pm: Kamal Haasan sits next to the contestants. Bharani talks about the life after Bigg Boss Tamil and tells about the popularity of the show. Bharani tells the audience that he was invited by Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia to present him with the ‘people’s favourite’ award. But, he chose to be at the Bigg Boss Tamil finale for Kamal Haasan. He thanked all his fans from around the world.

10:04 pm: Kamal asks the evicted contestants to come onto the stage. And Oviya remains the centre of attraction. She is welcomed with thunderous applause from the studio audience.

9.55 pm: Aarav tells it is one of the biggest moments in his life.A loud cheer from the fans on Kamal Haasan taking Harish’s name. Is he a dark horse? “It is good to be back home,” Gayathri tells Kamal. Except the four finalists, Kamal Haasan calls all the inmates to leave the house.

9:46 pm: All the contestants sitting together like a family and speaking with Kamal Haasan. Kamal Haasan speaks to everyone inside the house through plasma TV and asks them to share their thoughts on the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil.

9.30 pm: Oviya sharing a light moment with Raiza. Contestants are having a memorable time inside the house. The bad blood created between the current and ex-contestants during their time together in the house are still fresh. And, it is very visible.

9.25 pm: Riaza and Shakthi Vasudevan tell Aarav about the popularity of Oviya among the audience. And suggest him to brace himself for trolls coming from Oviya fans once he is out of Bigg Boss Tamil House.

9.17 pm: Oviya is the center of attraction. Her every move appears to be captured by the camera. Snehan requests Bigg Boss Tamil to play a song. And Oviya shows once again that she is the best dancer among the inmates by just doing a few moves.

9.15 pm: Oviya shakes hands with Aarav. Tells him that he has lost weight and leaves the room without talking further. Oviya and Julie have sort out all the issues. They are singing together and appear like friends now.

9.10 pm: And there we are. People’s favorite Oviya in all smiles, looking energetic as ever. Waiting for Oviya and Aarav’s encounter. How will the duo greet each other? Namitha is missing. Seems like the actress is upset with the show. Remember her cryptic poem after being eliminated from the show?

8:57 pm: The eliminated 15 contestants enter the Bigg Boss house. On the last day of the show, contestants wake up to Aalaporaan Thamizhan song from Vijay’s Mersal even. All housemates and ex-contestants exchange pleasantries. Oviya greets everyone. She is yet to meet Aarav.

8.50 pm: The public views about the show. Celebs like Sathish, Sibiraj, Karthik Subbaraj speak about Bigg Boss Tamil and Kamal Haasan’s performance as anchor.

8.38 pm: “Bigg Boss Tamil has written a new chapter in the history of South Indian television entertainment and that still would be an understatement. Thanks for giving me such a big success in my career as a television host. I consider it as a big fortune,” Kamal said.

8.35 pm: sporting a black shirt and traditional ‘vesthi,’ Host Kamal Haasan comes on stage. Kamal Haasan thanks the audience for making the show such a big hit. He said the show viewership was 6.5 crore impressions worldwide.

8.30 pm: The grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil show takes off with a performance from choreographer Sandy, inspired by the behaviour of all the contestants. Funny and interesting performance by Sandy.

8:00 PM: Looking at the viewers’ response, Ganesh Venkatraman is the hot favorite to win and Snehan might end up as the first runner-up. The winner will walk away with a trophy and a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh.

The most Awaited Bigg Boss Tamil Title Winner will be revealed by official sources. Fans are eagerly waiting for Bigg Boss Tamil Winner Name. Indeed, there have been much of the speculations about who will emerge as the winner of the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil. The latest promos show that Oviya, Gayathri, Julie, Raiza, Bharani, Ganja Karuppu, Bindhu Madhavi and Suja are attending the grand finale.

Bigg Boss Tamil Show details:

Shree, Vaiyapuri, Snehan, Shakthi, Raiza, Oviya, Julie aka Juliana, Gayathri Raghuram, Ganja Karuppu, Ganesh Venkatraman, Bharani, Anuya, Harathi Ganesh, Aarav aka Aarar and Namitha are the contestants who entered the house. The audiences have witnessed a lot of drama in the house in 100 days.

The TRP ratings of the show peaked new heights when Oviya was targeted by Gayathri and other inmates. However, Bigg Boss Tamil came under criticism after Oviya walked out of the show. In subsequent weeks, Gayathri too was eliminated and the viewers’ lost interest in the show to some extent.

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