Okka Kshanam Movie Review: Touted to be a sci-fic Thriller, Okka Kshanam is the latest Telugu movie starring Allu Sirish and Surabhi in prominent roles. With a very good response to its trailer and teaser, this much-awaited flick of Allu Sirish Okka Kshanam released on Thursday 28th December 2017. Here is our honest review of Okka Kshanam.

Main Roles: Allu Sirish, Surabhi, Seerat Kapoor, Srinivas Avasarala, Vennela Kishore
Director: Vi Anand
Producer: Chakri Chirugupati
Music: Mani Sharma
Genre: Sci-Fic Romantic Thriller
Censor: ‘U/A’

Okka Kshanam Review & Story Plot:

Okka Kshanam Movie Story:

After a student gets murdered, a news channel investigates her death and claims that she was killed by her lover. The government under pressure appoint experts to learn the truth about her death.

The story is about the life of Jeeva, played by Sirish, who must fight against destiny to save the life of his girlfriend. ‘Okka Kshanam’ charts the journey of four individuals and showcases how their lives align together. The film charts the journey of Jeeva and how his life parallels that of Srinivas Avasarala’s character. The same happens to his girlfriend, played by Surbhi, whose life parallels that of Seerat Kapoor’s character.

Okka Kshanam Movie Review:

Okka Kshanam is its concept. The film is a high-concept film, which revolves around a love story and flirts with the science-fiction genre. Unlike the majority of commercial films, it doesn’t seem to follow the same rules of ‘five songs and six fights.’ The first half of Okka Kshanam is OK, sets an interesting premise for the 2nd half. Initial scenes are boring, but towards the interval as a core point is established audience engage with the story.

‘Okka Kshanam’ did a huge pre-release business compared to Sirish’s earlier films. The makers are planning to use this long weekend to the maximum effect. Hope the film fulfills the promises it had done with its trailers and become successful.

Plus points :

Story, Interval twist and climax.

Minus factors :

Allu Shirish, Dull Music and Slow First half

Okka Kshanam Movie Rating: 3/5

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