Kootathil Oruthan Movie Review: Kootathil Oruthan is the latest Indian Tamil language romantic comedy film, written and directed by T.J.Gnanavel. The film features Ashok Selvan and Priya Anand in the lead roles. With a good response to the trailer and the teaser, the movie makers are expecting a good amount of audience to the movie theatres. Here is our Honest review of Kootathil Oruthan Movie.

Main Roles: Ashok Selvan and Priya Anand
Director: T.J.Gnanavel
Producer: Dream Warrior Pictures and Ramaniyam Talkies
Music: Nivas Prasanna
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Censor: ‘U’

Kootathil Oruthan Review & Story Plot:

Kootathil Oruthan Movie Story:

The story of the film revolves around Arvind, an ordinary man lives a simple life and is never noticed by anyone be it at school or home. However, things change for good when he falls in love with Janani, a class topper and the one who excels in both academics and extra-curricular activities. A loner by nature, he is smitten by Janani and in his quest to be closer to her, he even enrolls himself in the same college where she studies.

But, sadly, Janani is neither able to recall his name nor remember them being classmates in school. And she rejects him when he expresses his love for her. Kootathil Oruthan captures the journey of Arvind, an ordinary middle-bencher, and his travails after being rejected by the love of his life.

Kootathil Oruthan Movie Review:

Kootathil Oruthan is a neat feel-good entertainer with a noble message. This romantic comedy film has a very nice story. Ends very well with a +ve, uplifting msg which will connect to all. Well done team. Ideal family entertainer. It is predictable fare, yes, and there isn’t much inventiveness both in terms of narrative and filmmaking, but there is a quiet confidence in how he narrates this tale and keeps us entertained.

Kootathil Oruthan Movie Rating: */5

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