Kaafi Thota Movie Review: Kaafi Thota, directed by ace television serial director, T. N. Seetharam releasing on August 18, all over the state. With a good response to the trailer and the teaser, the movie makers are expecting a good amount of audience to the movie theatres from the release date 18th Aug. Here is our Honest review of Kaafi Thota Movie.

Main Roles: Raghu Mukherjee, Radhika Chetan, Samyukta Hornad
Director: T. N. Seetharam
Producer: Manvantara Chitra.LLP
Music: Anoop Seelin, Midhun Mukundan
Genre: Thriller Drama
Censor: ‘U’

Kaafi Thota Review & Story Plot:

Kaafi Thota Movie Story:

A top notch lawyer and his group of young associates run a highly successful law firm in the city. One of his associates grows into a lawyer better than Perry Manson of American TV, not losing a single case in his entire career. His reputation is already widespread and his love interest is the daughter of a multimillionaire, he has all the ingredients to be huge and successful but ends up meeting a mendicant in Kashi to seek salvation, this is where his actual journey begins.

Kaafi Thota Movie Review:

A crime thriller Kaafi Thota, starring Radhika Chetan, Samyuktha Hornad and Raghu Mukherjee, has been cleared by the censors with a U Certificate. The film has raised eyebrows and heightened the inquisitiveness of the audience as the plot revolves around a murder that takes place in a coffee plantation. The songs from the movie have proved to be melodious as people have been seen humming the same tunes over and over.

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Kaafi Thota Movie Rating: */5

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