Julie 2 Movie Review: South Indian actress Raai Laxmi’s Bollywood debut film Julie2 has created a lot of buzzes. Julie 2 is a Hindi thriller film written, co-produced and directed by Deepak Shivdasani. According to the producer Pankaj Nihalini, the film is based on the life of a real actress. The film is scheduled to be released on the Friday, 24th November 2017. Here is our Honest Julie 2 movie Review.

Main Roles: Raai Laxmi
Director: Deepak Shivdasani
Producer: Triumph Talkies
Music: Viju Shah, Rooh Band, Atif Ali, Javed-Mohsin
Genre: Romantic Thriller Drama
Censor: ‘A’

Julie 2 Review & Story Plot:

Julie 2 Movie Story:

Julie 2 is said to be based on the life of a real actress, but its makers are quite reluctant to reveal the name of this individual. The film story revolves around a simple girl, Julie, who fulfills her dream of becoming an actress. She has to deal with lecherous men who ask her for sexual favours in order to become a “superstar”. However, her stardom is soon eclipsed by the dark side of the entertainment industry. In between all this, there is also some group which is threatening to harm and kill her.

Julie 2 Movie Review:

Julie 2 is about this “compromise” – the dark side of the world of glitz and glamour. But if you thought this film was a hard-hitting drama, a la Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion, you are wrong. This is an erotic thriller, with a murder attempt which, despite willing suspension of disbelief, is completely implausible.

Julie 2 is an erotic thriller which has a lot of bold scenes and throws light on the casting couch in the industry. The film looks like a dark tale of a woman stuck in a web of show business. While the theme is somewhat grim, there is plenty of skin show and bold scenes.

Raai plays the lead protagonist role in this film. The film showcased the Bold & Beautiful avatar of model-turned-actress Raai who has acted in 49 movies down south. Raai Laxmi has definitely taken things up a notch with ‘Julie 2’.

Julie 2 Movie Rating: 2/5

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