Aruvi Movie Review: Aruvi is the latest Tamil eco-social drama written and directed by Arun Prabu Purushothaman and this is his debut movie. This movie is produced by Dream Warrior Pictures. With a good response to its trailer and teaser, the film released today, on December 15th. Here is our honest Aruvi Movie review.

Main Roles: Aditi Balan, Anjali Varathan, Kavitha Bharathi, Lakshmi Gopalswamy, Muhammad Ali Baig
Director: Arun Prabu Purushothaman
Producer: Dream Warrior Pictures
Music: Bindhu Malini, Vedanth Bharadwaj
Genre: Thriller Drama
Censor: ‘U/A’

Aruvi Review & Story Plot:

Aruvi Movie Story:

A gentle girl born and brought up amidst the ever-growing eco-social-consumeristic environment finds it difficult to fit in the society. Finding it hard to fit into the confines of a society that has treated her unfairly, this mild-mannered yet spirited girl decides to break bad and rebel against the oppressive forces to take it hard on the people. Her audacity to vent out is not without consequences, and what unfolds from this point forms the crux of Aruvi, which is at once a socio-political drama and a complex character study.

Aruvi Movie Review:

Aruvi is taken through life’s motions, and it is not a happy ride. It is a roller coaster. As we ride this roller coaster, we are taken through human emotions, political satire and even an almost nihilistic view of life. But nothing seems force fitted; the story does not want to display these messages by using the film as a tool. Aruvi is much more, in that we cannot detach the situations where these occur from the movie as a whole. This includes the semi-surreal (if one can call it so) potions that should tell one not to question their logic, but rather be swayed by them.

It would be blasphemous to not mention the performances in Aruvi. Arun’s move to cast newcomers is smart. Without the baggage of previous appearances, every performance is fresh and adds more authenticity and flavour to the narrative. Watch Aruvi in the theaters. However here is a warning. It is not for the light-hearted. If you’re the person who wants cinema to speak to you and move your soul, Aruvi is the film for you.

Aruvi Movie Rating: 3.5/5


Prashanth Rangaswamy‏ @itisprashanth: #Chennai2Singapore – For youth to have fun and a hearty laugh . #Aruvi – For everyone to enjoy, feel and refresh humanity in them . #Maayavan – Thriller that can be enjoyed with any group you want. Three solid movies this weekend !!

Vasanth Ravi‏ @iamvasanthravi: Congratulations @thambiprabu89, @prabhu_sr, @AditiBalan and to the whole team of #Aruvi, am sure this will be a Super Hit Movie,purely for the amount of honesty and hardwork that was put into making such a bewitching movie,do support Aruvi and watch it in the theatres

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