LIE Movie first Day Collections: Hanu Raghavapudi has come up with a different kind of concept along with Nitin and Arjun. Seems Like movie unit of Lie movie has huge expectations and belief on the movie.  LIE movie has won hearts of the Telugu audience, especially young audience. The movie has attracted the audience with the trailer and also on the first day.

The film story is a battle for a beautiful bespoke suit. A cat and mouse chase between a powerful mafioso and a sharp cop, interlaced with a love-story and some comedy. No. I am not kidding. Almost till the end, it is about who gets the suit. There is an interesting concept here, but it is buried too deep. And no one is interested in uncovering it. How a Central Intelligence Officer uncovers the truth of a world famous magician and mimic artist is depicted in this ‘Love Intelligence Enmity’ film. As the title suggests, mind games and a lot of untruth make up this LIE. The performance of Arjun and Nitin are the best in the film.

As three films are releasing on the same day discussions are going on in the film circles that who will achieve more collections in the overseas. The film has got around 2-3 crores on the first day. If we consider the overseas market of these heroes, Nithiin’s last film ‘A Aa’ collected $2.49 million and it has become the fourth highest collected Telugu film in the USA. Of course, one can’t ignore Trivikram factor in the collections of the film. Now, the movie is carrying good buzz because of the promos. We have to wait and see whether Nithiin is going to achieve $2 million feat at the overseas.

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