Jai Simha 1st Day Collections: Nandamuri Balakrishna next movie titled Jaisimha Directed by KS Ravi Kumar released today and the film features Balakrishna and Nayanthara in the lead roles. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most awaited films of 2018. Balayya fans are waiting with bated breath for the theatrical release of Jaisimha. This Balakrishna film fares better than Agnathavasi, TSK, Sketch
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Two big ticket Telugu films competing with each other at the Sankranthi box office. One is Pawan’s Agnyaathavaasi and another Balakrishna’s Jai Simha. Agnyaathavassi has opened in theatres to a mixed response from the public. And this reason doubled the expectation on Jai Simha movie. According to trade pundits, Jai Simha may not collect more than Pawan film, but the film is getting good reviews and ratings.

The film is clearly aimed at the masses and will do well with all Balakrishna fans. But the roller coaster effect of the film can get to the regular audience at times. If you are the one who does not mind the regular commercial narration, this film ends up as a one time watch this festival season.

Balakrishna Jai Simha Box Office Income Report

Story of Jai Simha is routine and screenplay is fine. Dialogues are good. It’s worth mentioning here that Balakrishna’s Legend did good business at the box office four years ago. He is reeling under pressure to deliver a blockbuster hit after his previous films bombed at the box office. Now, with the kind of hype his upcoming film has created and also Agnyaathavaasi negative talk, people are keeping their fingers crossed on this film to do well.

The USA till 10:45 PM EST!  Jai Simha has collected -$ 85,000 in 81 Locations. In our Telugu states, it is expected to collect nearly 10-12 Crores on this first day. This movie is having the benefit of a long weekend along with the festival season which may trigger the collections to a new high. If this film utilizes this Sankranthi week then it may become the safe project in the commercial aspect.

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