The producers of four South Indian film industries – Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu – has now decided not to release any films from March 2nd, 2018. The move is to oppose the high fee being charged by the Digital Service Providers (DSP). DSPs, like QUBE and UFO, came in to picture after the projecting technology advanced from analog to digital in cinema halls.

The producers have been requesting the DSPs for quite some time now to reduce the Virtual Print Fee (VPF). When the DSPs decided to address their grievance, both parties formed a Joint Action Committee (JAC), which met for a couple of meetings on February 16 and 23 to find a solution to the problem.But there was no favourable outcome for the producers of all the industries.

So, they have announced the strike and stop the screening of movies in all the South Indian states. They have released a statement to the media confirming the stoppage of the screening from March 2.

Producer SR Prabhu and Treasurer of Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) also shared the pay break-up for his production venture, Aruvi. He posted, “For a 2 crore budget film, Aruvi we have paid 50 lakh as vpf. It could have been only 15 lakhs. Out of 2.2 crore vpf we paid for 4 films in 2017, Someone ate around 1.5cr of ours. We could have made one more film with that saving. (sic)”


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