The sensational case of a Malayalam heroine’s kidnap and molestation case has got a fresh update. Kerala police have asked actress Manju Warrier to avoid foreign trips for a week. Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the case has asked the actress to cancel the trips she had planned for next week. She was named the second witness in the latest charge sheet filed by the police in the case.

The Special Investigation Team is still enquiring this case on Dileep Kumar, they have ordered all the close members of Dileep’s friends and family to stay only in India. Manju Warrier, the ex-wife of the hero Dileep Kumar has been in touch with her ex-husband even though they were divorced. This friendship has brought her into unwanted troubles.

Initially, the actress was supposed to attend two award nights at New York and Chicago and enjoy her holidays, but the latest reports indicate that she has canceled her trip. When media inquired her PA, he thrashed this news as rumor. He claimed that the actress Manju canceled her US trip only because of her shooting commitments. While SIT sources have maintained that they have not yet made a decision on making her a witness.

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