Renu Desai gave the statement that she isn’t ruling out marrying again hasn’t gone down well with Pawan Fans. They began finding fault with the former Actress though she hasn’t confirmed her second marriage yet. While Renu Desai’s desire to move on in life has been trolled by Pawan Kalyan fans, singer Chinmayi was also trolled just for lending support to his ex-wife!

Ace Singer Chinmayi came in support of Renu Desai on this issue. “Somehow a woman has to apologize for her choices in life, clarify for other people’s assumptions. It’ll be nice if people took her advice. Time and again do men and women on social media find ways to slut shame a woman. Across India. Across the world, actually. In my case, I have seen several people who no point to make bring up one particular incident from March 2017 and use that to slut shame. It is different than what could be best described as professional vendetta is used against those who went through the trauma – time and again (sic),” posted Chinmayi.

When Pawan Fans began abusing her, Chinmayi offered a befitting reply: ‘If you disagree with my viewpoint speak up with dignity and I shall stand corrected. Shame me and I couldn’t care less’. [ Do check: Samantha & Naga Chaitanya Marriage Photos ]

Realizing that it’s going to the next level, Chinmayi’s Hubby & Actor Rahul Ravindran entered the scene to pacify the Fans by saying his wife has always been a huge admirer of Sir for his honesty and how he wants to make a difference to the society. ‘Why would she say anything hurtful about a man she respects? Those who are abusing her…go get a life. If you want a clarification…ask. Abusing is not okay. Sir is a thorough gentleman. I try to be like him. You should try it too. Love peace and chill. Over and out,’ he signed off.

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