Ram Gopal Varma who went out of Twitter, Recently joined the Twitter again. while joining he credited Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi for his return to the popular microblogging site. Agnyaathavaasi movie released yesterday and a lot of negative reviews are floating on the movie. Now the turn comes to director Ram Gopal Varma, he also joined the list now.

Ram Gopal Varma makes satirical comments about Pawan Kalyan’s 25th film Agnyaathavaasi directed by Trivikram Srinivas. RGV indirectly tweeted about the film without taking the name of the movie. He said that he has watched Puli and we all know how disaster Puli Movie was.

“I Just saw PULI.” He again wrote, “I never saw a PULI who is so tooth less and so claw less and I am simply stunned at how it’s stripes keeps changing and the most shocking is instead of jumping this PULI just crawls,” he tweeted.

RGV also shared the video of Mahesh Kathi’s review on the film Agnyathavaasi and added, “I just saw this video and I God promisingly felt that Mahesh Katthi is much more handsome and much more beautiful than PK.”

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