Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for his controversial remarks and especially nudity content in his movies, is back in his element of making cinema that pushes the envelope creatively. So in the hottest news of the day, RGV has signed and shot with adult star, Mia Malkova for his upcoming feature film, God, Sex and Truth.

The revelation came from actress Malkova herself when she tweeted the poster of the project that calls the film ‘a philosophical treatise of Mia Malkova.’ She is delighted to be directed by an Indian filmmaker and is all praise about RGV.

She also tweeted saying, “Indian film maker Ram Gopal Varma shot a video with me in Europe titled GOD , SEX and TRUTH I will be the 2nd adult star after @SunnyLeone to be shot by an Indian feature film maker @Rgvzoomin”. You can’t deny that she is actually beautiful.

Responding to her tweet, Varma said that filming with Malkova was an ‘elevating and thought-provoking experience.’ Varma added that he never shot with Sunny Leone, but he will never forget this experience.

Mia shared other posters from the film, and it gives a glimpse of what to expect from the film and bold the content of this feature are. The trailer of God, Sex and Truth will be released on 16th January 2018 and Twitter is pretty excited about it. The entire film has been shot in Europe. Though this won’t be the first time RGV will have nudity in his film. His web series, Guns and Thighs also had full frontal nudity.


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