Pakistan Removed Ban On Bollywood Movies: While we all know Pakistan and Indian terrorist attacks and both counties banned opposite country films. But, Now Pakistani cinema owners have reportedly delayed lifting the ban on screening of Bollywood films in the country. Cinema owners were supposed to remove the ban officially.

Yes, Pakistani cinemas have removed ban on Bollywood movies imposed after relations between New Delhi and Islamabad dipped to a new low following tensions on the border and terrorist attacks. The cinemas will start screening Indian movies in Pakistan from Monday.

The decision to lift the ban on Bollywood films comes in the light of Indian Army’s criticism of MNS’s fine of Rs 5 crore on producers who cast Pakistani actors, according to the report. The managements of Pakistani cinemas on September 30 announced indefinite suspension of screening of all Bollywood movies as a protest against the ban of Pakistani artists in India.

Meanwhile, Fawad Khan’s film is all set to be released in India on time, which is why even we are looking forward to a more positive outcome of this entire scenario. They said “We lifted the suspension as a cinema guild. We took this decision to support them (Indian cinemas) and expect them to support us”.


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