Kannada actor, Sandalwood ‘Real Star’ Upendra has made entry to the politics is launching his political party. Upendra has announced the name of his political party ‘Karnataka Pragnyavantha Janatha Paksha’ aka KPJP in short, on Tuesday, October 31 at Gandhi Bhavan in Bengaluru.

The actor launched his Political Party KPJP in the presence of his family members, fans and media persons, a day before the Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrations. Earlier in August, Upendra announced that he would be taking a plunge into politics. On Tuesday, he briefed the media about the party’s objectives and aspirations.

Speaking on the occasion, Upendra said the KPJP was a platform for the people, and welcomed anyone with ideas for bettering society to contribute to it. The primary motto of the Karnataka Pragnyavantha Janata Paksha is to provide the most important needs of the people.

Among the objectives, he listed good education, health insurance, good infrastructure for the citizens, smart villages, agricultural development, encouraging small scale industries and promoting local talent.

Upendra has received an overwhelming response from the people on social networking websites. Upendra has been meeting people from different walks of life. A website has been launched for the people who wish to share suggestions. Official app will be launched on November 10th.

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