Ram Gopal Varma famous for his late-night tweets has been making buzz from the past two days. Taking a break from posting tweets on Mega family, the director has posted some tweets about director Krish and his latest film Gautamiputra Satakarni where RGV reveals that he is jealous of Krish.

RGV shared that a Corporate Company bought the National and International Rights of ‘Gautamiputra Satakarni’ for a whopping price after the premiere show. He claims to be feeling jealous of Krish as four companies have signed him as Director with just one show of Satakarni.

“A very big corporate company saw GPSK whole film in Mumbai and are buying both national nd international rights for a whopping price. Just with one single show in Mumbai of GPSK @DirKrish has been signed by 4 companies in Mumbai. Hey krish I am jealous. Hey @DirKrish I know they all saw GPSK and I also for sure know Ak is confirmed but can u confirm about SK? Hey @DirKrish after show of GPSK of 4 u signed I know one is with AK but I also heard from reliable source one is with SK. can u confirm? ” tweeted Ram Gopal Varma last night.

The comments of Ram Gopal Varma can’t be trusted because he went on to say one of the four projects is with Aamir Khan and another one is with SK (Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan). And he asks Krish to confirm if what he heard from reliable sources is true or not. This could just be an indirect attack on ‘Khaidi No.150’.

Once again, RGV took a dig at Naga Babu. He questioned why Naga Babu remained silent after shouting so much on the previous day. The filmmaker doubted if he was bitten by a scorpion or snake.


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