Anushka Shetty is Tollywood’s top actress. After wrapping up her part for Bhagmati, the actress is not in a mood to sign any films. Anushka was recently spotted at the Hyderabad airport and sources suggest that the actress wants to get fitter and is headed to Kerala to consult a doctor at a nature cure hospital there.

It is known that the actress flew to Kerala on a weight loss mission recently and will spend a month of her time losing weight. Anushka will be spending time in a nature cure hospital in Kerala and will lose weight through natural techniques. “There is a well-known lady doctor, who runs a nature cure hospital that focuses on weight loss. So, Anushka is heading there to reduce her weight,” a report in DC quoted a source.
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Not in a hurry to sign films, She is quite focused on losing enough weight which she failed to do over these months. Anushka is said to spend enough time, lose weight and then return back to the city. “It is not known why the actress hasn’t taken up any other project, but she wants to wait for some more time,” the same report read.

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Anushka is said to have been approached for couple of prestigious projects in the recent times but she turned them down. She was even spotted bulky in some of the shots in Baahubali: The Conclusion and Anushka decided to take things seriously.

Bhagmati directed by Ashok has been planned for Sankranti release next year and is bankrolled by UV Creations. For more movie updates and reviews follow


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