Pawan Kalyan wife Anna Lezhneva does Arathi before Pawan Kalyan going to ‘Chalo re Chalo’ yatra in Telangana. Jana Sena Party Chief on Monday going to start his ‘Chalo re Chalo’ yatra from Kondagattu and it kickstarted today. Pawan Kalyan has got veera tilakam and vijaya haarathi as per Hindu tradition from his Russian wife Anna Lezhneva.The actor announced that the four-day tour covering three districts was aimed at seeking people’s blessings and to know their problems.

Pawan Kalyan fans and netizens are sharing the memorable moment and apprenticing Anna Lezhneva for her complete Telugu traditional attire and her non-conditional support to husband Pawan Kalyan.On Sunday morning, Pawan Kalyan attended the Sunday mass at St Mary’s Basilica in Secunderabad, along with his Russian wife Anna Lezhneva. The couple was also accompanied by Polish ambassador to India Adam Burakowski.Do Check:

Later at a meeting, the ambassador explained to Pawan Kalyan the scenic locations in Poland where films should be shot. He wanted the actor to consider shooting in those locales. Pawan Kalyan said it would be good if a team of Polish officials would explain about the facilities for shooting in Poland, with the Telugu film industry and Indian film industry as such. The ambassador met Pawan Kalyan at the JSP office. Pawan Kalyan’s wife Anna Lezhneva was along with him when he met the ambassador.

While today we have seen Anna transforming herself into husband religious belief standing beside PK doing the needed for the successful yatra.

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