Popular Tamil Comedian, Santhanam, fight with a builder leaves him injured on Monday, October 9. Santhanam and a city-based builder exchanged blows in Valasaravakkam, allegedly over the land deal, leaving them injured. Santhanam has reportedly been injured after getting into a fight and two others, who joined the fight, were also injured. They had a heated argument over a financial issue before exchanging blows, police said.

According to reports, Santhanam had planned to build a mall in Kunrathur and assigned the job to Shanmugasundaram, a builder who operated out of an office in Valasaravakkam. The actor reportedly handed over a sum of money as advance to the builder once the location and design were finalised. However, the agreement was cancelled and the comedian wanted his money back. [Also Read: NBK 102 Movie Titled as Karna ]

The builder kept putting him off under some pretext and on Monday, the actor and his manager Ramesh went to meet him at his office. In a short while, a heated argument broke out in which Santhanam and Shanmugasundaram entered into fisticuffs, the sources said. Ramesh and Amarnath, a friend of the builder, who were also at the spot joined in and it soon became a free for all.

On hearing commotion, a few people nearby entered the office and separated the four men. Later, the four were treated at a nearby hospital and discharged. The builder, Shanmugasundaram, a resident of Valasaravakkm, lodged a complaint at the jurisdictional police station, demanding action against the actor.

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