Yuvraj Singh Got Emotional: Cricketer Yuvraj Singh recently married to actress-model hazel Keech it was a beautiful event happened at a spiritual place of BabaRam Singh gaundan waale in Chandigarh after their marriage ceremony the couple took blessings from baba ram Singh. Yuvraj Singh and his mother  Shabnam Singh are huge and adorable followers of baba ram Singh.

Yuvraj Singh Got Emotional In His Wedding Ceremony At Goa

Being a cricketer Yuvraj Singh is a dedicated and  good player he got a great reputation for his cricket career and he had a good innings of all the time. And one more interesting topic about Yuvraj Singh’s marriage ceremony is he married to hazel keech twice in two different traditions. It seems to be surprising for everyone to hear that. Being a follower of baba ram Singh  Yuvraj has a good knowledge  of the Indian marriage traditions so Yuvraj showed interest marrying in two traditions. And his wife Keech has changed her name to Gur Basant Kaur on the suggestion of baba ram Singh.

The first marriage ceremony took place at Chandigarh and the second marriage ceremony is at Teso waterfront Silolim, Goa. It was a grand wedding event where so many celebrities have appeared in the event which seemed to be joyful. celebrities like  Sachin Tendulkar, ms dhoni, Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have attended the event. In the ceremony, Yuvraj took the stage and spoke a few word where he got into tears.

He was expressing about the respect he had towards women and everyone should show their respect towards women. He also spoke about his mother Shabnam Singh who supported him every time in hard situations and she was a rock who stood beside him all the time and he broke into tears. This shows Yuvraj Singh’s humble nature.

After Yuvraj’s  marriage at Goa, a grand party was organized at Yuvraj’s house at Morjim, Goa the celebrations are at peaks . Virat and Anushka Sharma were the special attraction in the event.


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