Jayalalitha Buried Not Cremated: Jayalalitha was expired yesterday December 5th at 11:30pm and it became a big shock to the Tamil people that never expected she is dead. So many celebrities and her followers came to see Jaya’s body and broke out into tears. She was buried today evening but not cremated. But according to Hindu tradition and Jaya being a brahmin she should be cremated but instead, she is buried. So many people are searching for this there are some interesting reasons about this.

Reasons Behind Why Jayalalitha Buried Not Cremated

In the traditional way in Hinduism is to cremate the body of a dead person. But J. Jayalalithaa was buried into the ground in a sandalwood casket next to her political mentor, MG Ramachandran at Chennai’s Marina Beach.In Kerala, there is a unique tradition where Hindus are not cremated but buried after death in order to get salvation.

There is also a fact that great personalities are buried not cremated. She was a great personality in Tamil Nadu possessing a respectable position after MGR. So she is buried next to MGR in marina beach. The casket made of sandalwood where Jaya was placed was printed with her name ‘Puratchithalaivi Selvi J Jayalalithaa’  in Tamil and English languages.

All the Dravidian leaders, including Periyar, Anna Durai and MGR were buried and do not have a precedent of consigning their body to flames even after death. So, we bury them with sandalwood and rose water.” Today morning, millions of followers along with celebs – Vijay, Rajinikanth, Dhanush, paid their last respects.

Amma, Iron Lady, Leader of masses – a personality known by so many names will be remembered for her strength. She was one of those rare leaders who did a lot for her people. There will not be another personality like her, who contributed to both fields – Cinema and politics.

There will not be another personality like Jayalalitha who is famous in both fields – Cinema and politics. Amma is an Iron Lady, Leader of masses. Her death has created a sensation in Tamil Nadu. As they have lost an eminent leader.


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