Already we are well known about the Love Story, Marriage and Divorce of Actress Amala Paul and Director Vijay. Everything went dusted and the couple has moved on in their lives and careers. Amala Paul is keen on making a comeback to films and busy with multiple film projects in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. [Also Check: Ninnu Kori Trailer]

In a recent interview, when the host asked the fearless lady about her second wedding, the actress did not feel comfortable to answer. But She replied that she is not a sanyasi to stay away from marriage because she had failed once.

Amala said ‘I will surely marry again and it will be a love marriage. I will tell it to the whole world when I am ready.” She also added that she would reveal the name of the person at the appropriate time. Let us hope she will find a suitable guy and settles down in life happily.

The gorgeous lady was recently slut-shamed for posing in a sensual dress, very short pants and a transparent top, for a photo shoot. However, she didn’t bother to respond. Meanwhile, her latest film ‘VIP2’ starring Dhanush is getting ready the release soon.


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