Megastar Chiranjeevi  Brother and well-known actor Nagababu has lost his cool at “Khaidi No. 150” movie pre-release function on Saturday, January 07th. He fired against two noted celebs of different fields without mentioning their names, who made comments against Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan in past. Indirectly, his speech attacked director Ram Gopal Varma and writer Yandamuri Veerendranadh.

Talking about RGV, Naga Babu said that the director should first learn to direct and then comment against others. He should stay in Mumbai and conduct whatever business he has to conduct there, he suggested. After RGV, He blasted on top novelist and writer of movies, Yandamuri Veerendranadh.

Nagababu said, “Some people criticise mega family to get mileage. There is a popular writer. He is ‘moorkhudu’ . He doesn’t have common sense in spite of being personality development trainer. He should learn personality development first. He recently commented Charan babu and mega family to elevate others. And there is a filmmaker who can’t direct films properly but use ‘Kaaru koothalu’ on us. Once upon a time he used to direct well but he lacked that skill now. In spite of criticising others he should concentrate on direction. Nagababu further used the words like ‘Akku pakshi’, ‘Panikimalina Sannasi’ on RGV.

RGV reacted to Naga Babu comments, He said sorry to Nagababu through his twitter handle. Following are Rgv’s tweets.

“Naga babu gaaru meeru twitter lo leru kaabatti yevarainaa naa ee tweet lu meeku choopistarani aashisthunnanu ..meerante naaku chaala ishtam.”

“Nenedho naa style lo andari meedha anniti meedha yedho oka opinion cheputhoo vuntanu ..votti mee family meedhe kaadhu ..adhi vine vuntaru.”

“Tweetlu Modi gari daggaranunchi Bachcgangaari Varakoo chivariki naa meedha nene chaala commentlu chesthoo vuntanu.”

“Kaani meeru chaala offend ayyi hurt ayyarani naaku thelisindhi kanuka nenu chaala genuine gaa meeku mee family ki sorry chepthunnanu”

“Naa vuddeshyam vere ayina meeru hurt ayyaru kanuka chiranjeevigariki kooda naa tharapuna dayachesi sorry cheppandi..Thanks.”


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